16e Festival International de Poésie

From the 16e Festival International de Poésie on December 3-4th.
As the site was packed with many different people, this carnival of poetry celebrated the Poésie and provided a meeting place for the various invited poets and publishers.
The first day started with a presentation of poetry by students from local schools. And after a number of study sessions, workshops were held by the invited poets.
It was a massive landscape of poetry with poets everywhere. During the lunch break, I was reunited with El Amraoui Mohammed (photo below). At the table, we shared stories of our recent experiences with Brigitte Daïan, the president of Maison de la Poésie.

On the second day, the festival continued with more than thirty poets giving different style readings.
At six thirty in the afternoon I was called by the emcee, Katia Bouchoueva, and went up on stage. After my first reading, the energetic shouts of “Bravo” from the audience heated up the air, which then led to the second poem, “The World Like A Blinking Mosaic”, to finish with a standing ovation.
This time around there were no instruments, other than my own voice, to accompany my poetry. But afterwards an audience member reminded me that the Japanese language is music in itself, which made my reading feel even more natural and magical.

There were many encounters with poets from around the world initiated by poetry.  Someday I hope that our paths of drifting through this ocean of poetry will cross again here.